Child Aid Unit

A Unit provides sustainable comprehensive services for abused children and their families. A comprehensive medical and psycho-social service will be provided to abused children and their families, This unit will work to protect, prevent abuse, and reduce abuse and exploitation of children in Goa.


Creating awareness and dissemination of information, on laws applicable to children, and juveniles in conflict with the law. Goa Children’s Act 2003 and The Juvenile Justice Care and Protection Act 2000.


Legal Aid in the form of free legal services will be provided to the children. This is done in order to make sure justice is done to the victim children since most of them are from economically backward sections of society, knowing which, criminals take advantage of them.


Counseling sessions will be provided by the in-house counselor to make sure that the child is brought back to psychosocial stability. The child is put at comfort so that they can be brave enough to see themselves getting the wrongdoer punishmed for the act committed, through the judiciary.



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